Permaculturally Prancing: Depolarize the Meta-Geological Psychosphere

Sounds like we could all benefit from coming out of our social comfort zones and having conversations with our fellow community members liberal, red, white, blue collar, whatever you want to call yourself. Let’s make an America we can all call our own and…

Welcome to a Benni Blog

I’m compiling a closed loop wormhole blog organism where anyone can start anywhere and be thrown around with the other quantumly entangled ideas that have somewhat painfully been bouncing around my head, heart, and gut for my entire life. Each rabbit hole will be built…

“Human Scale: A New Look at the Classic Case for a Decentralist Future” Book Review (messy draft picaso paint throw of notes and thoughts)

Agora was the public square in Athens, the marketplace and the meeting place. Must be where the term agoraphobia comes from, fear of populated public places.


Yet to be added thoughts…from concentrate. Part of this complete lifelong breakfast. Silent Planet “endless dance with entropy, ware, endless war” reversing the wounds of the world will be very rewarding because the wounds of Gaia are all tied up in each of our lived experiences and trauma…

If Hope Dies: The Ground is Quickly Rushing Up to Meet Us (draft, young idea rapidly growing dendritic connections)

“Prosterity doesn’t vote, and doesn’t exert much influence in the marketplace. So the living go on stealing from their descendants.”

“The more “modern” a nation had become, the more it’s a…

“If you want to know what your life will be like in 20 years just look at what we’re doing to refugees today” -Cory Docotorow

Will we all be in prison for violating the terms of agreement that no one reads?

Technology leverages amoebic big business’ and or big…

Benjamin Lee

Seeking ways of evolving humans from within & out, zero sum to symbiosis w/ Gaia. #auburnpermaculturepark & @EcoResCamps member. See “Welcome to Benni Blog”.

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